nov. 17. 2018, Saturday
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Akanksha and Ajamboon were taken away

Akanksha and Ajamboon tibetan mastiffs were the first puppies whom were taken away from Sadaksari Tibetan Mastiff Kennel to have their new home, in Poland. Thanks for Monika & Kamil Sudoł, and we wish good luck for the puppies.

Akanksha and Ajamboon Tibetan Mastiffs were taken away from Sadaksari Tibetan Mastiff Kennel

The Kennel name arrived

After a long wait, on 19/ 11/ 2014 we officially received our kennel name from FCI

Our kennel name is SADAKSARI

We are very greatful to Mr. Attila Sebők from MEOE Pécs, who helped us ending the two months of phone calling, messaging and worrying to achieve our kennel name.

The FCI is officially confirmed our kennel name, which is Sadaksari Tibetan Mastif Kennel


09/ 27/ 2014 Succesful breeding.

The breeding of Eshan and Hariti Tibetan Mastiff dogs by Sadaksari Kennel

Father: Tigerdog's Kingdom Eshan, (Estonian, import male),  Hungaria Junior Champion, Hungaria Champion, Hungaria Show Champion, Derby Winner 2013.

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Bettina Hári

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Hungarian address: Nagyharsány 7822 Hungary, Vásártér u. 17

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